Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


The hair dryer re-thought. Helps prevent extreme heat damage to protect natural shine. Air temperature is measured 20 times every second, keeping the temperature under control. Drying shouldn’t take forever. For fast drying you need controlled, high velocity airflow. Only the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer comes with magnetic attachments – so you can adjust quickly and easily. Dyson smoothing nozzle dries hair gently using smooth, wide air, allowing you to dry and style at the same time. Dyson styling concentrator – high-velocity, focused air that lets you style one section at a time – without worrying about disturbing the rest. Dyson diffuser is engineered to disperse air evenly around each of your ringlets. Simulates natural drying to help reduce frizz and improve definition. With heat shield technology, the surfaces of the attachments stay cool. Dyson has turned convention on its head and put the motor in the handle,completely rebalancing the dryer’s weight and shape. The powerful motor is tuned to produce one inaudible frequency, and it’s enveloped by a vibration reduction system. 3 precise speed settings: fast drying, regular drying, and styling.

Currently, hair drying does not have to be associated with unpleasant noise. This is especially important for those people who can not stand annoying sounds. Engineer James Dyson, hair stylist Akin Konizi and 25 acoustics experts created the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, the sound of which is undetectable to the human ear. This effect was achieved by reducing vibrations, improving air flow and changing the sound characteristics of engines. Work on the construction of a super-quiet hair dryer lasted 5 years and consumed as much as 50 million pounds, but now we know that the demand for it is really big.

The dryer is equipped with a Thermistor, a type of electrical resistor that reacts to heat. A special sensor measures the air temperature 20 times and sends data to a microprocessor that controls the heating element. Interestingly, its operation has been tested for 1500 kilometers of human hair. The number of successful tests assured the creators that their idea is a hit, which can change the industry of dryers. The dryer motor itself deserves a special discussion. On the one hand, it is much smaller and lighter than the motors in ordinary dryers, and on the other hand it works incredibly effectively. Its small rotor (27 mm in diameter, 13 blades) rotates at speeds of up to 110,000 revolutions per minute. The sounds of his work are practically inaudible.